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SIM2 HDR DUO system

True HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE PROJECTION is something particularly challenging, find out more about that having a quick look at the “introduction to HDR projection” page.

We know that Digital Cinema recommended Illuminance Value is  ≥ 48 lx (14 fL) which is a long shot from anything acceptable as “high dynamic range”. We tested many different solutions and came to the conclusion that the target values for a real HDR projection should be a Dynamic Range ≥16 f-stops and a Max illuminance Value ≥240 lx (70 fL).  
With such goals in mind, the conclusion was to design a system relying on two totally different projection devices working together, one optimized for the low lights and the other for the high lights.
Welcome the SIM2 Dual System Cinema

The two projectors composing a Dual System Cinema feature different optics, different peak light flow (same lamps), different contrast, different lenses (same throw ratio), different electronics, different FirmWare and different settings.
It is clear how the differences between the two projectors can serve the purpose of obtaining that the less bright projector can contribute significantly to the peak brightness while generating a negligible contribution to the baseline black. 
This is very similar to what happens with loudspeakers: every quality sound emitting device is composed by multiple cone speakers, engineered to work on a specific range of frequencies. Each projector delivers optimal performances within its tuned working range, and together contribute to the very high peak brightness essential for true HDR visualization